Friday, August 1, 2008

Blow Him Away...Literally!

Men love oral sex. Period. I mean what guy wouldn't? All of that warm and wet action on something so packed full of sensitive nerve endings that silk boxers make him hard...what is not to love?! Well, ladies, get ready...I'm going to give you some tips to take him over the top. If you want to give him the best fellatio he's ever had, read on...(I've also posted one on how he can give you fabulous cunnilingus to you...guys, make sure you read up!
Oral sex is something that both sexes report wanting more of. Why the fascination? There is something extremely naughty about the thought of someone licking your genitals. And it is okay to just lie back and enjoy without feeling like you have to return the favor. Just remember to return the favor at some point. If one of you doesn't feel like it, it's okay. Take turns, just don't "keep score."
The first thing you need to do is learn to love it. If you love it, you will be good at it. Most women are hesitant because of the smell, the thought of having to swallow or the gag reflex. All three can be easily fixed and you can still enjoy it. Make him feel like you are loving it by making a lot of sexy, throaty sounds and giving him the classic "bedroom eyes" look. Men are visual creatures, play up to that and he'll be rock hard in no time! Men, while they may joke about it, love foreplay. You shouldn't have your mouth anywhere near him unless he is rock hard. Tease him mercilessly. Give him a seductive massage, trail your hands all over him, and use whatever skills you've got to get him there. Tease, tease, tease! Make sure you add variety. Don't get me wrong, he isn't going to turn down an opportunity for oral sex even if it is the same every time, but he will love it if you spice it up. Start out by trying different positions in the bedroom. When you get a little more comfortable, surprise him in different locations of the house. When he's sitting on the couch watching the game or when he's at his desk on the computer. Trust me, he'll be interested. When you've accomplished that, move onto something that will make his jaw drop. Try it while he's driving, but not in heavy traffic in a major city! Also, keep eye contact with him if you aren't too embarrassed. He'll love it! We generally tend to concentrate on his penis. But don't forget, he has other sensitive parts as well. The perineum, or the area of skin between the testicles and the anus, is packed with nerve endings. Also, a lot of men love to have their testicles massaged or licked as well. Use both of your hands. One can be used to play and stimulate different areas, but the other can be used as an anchor. Hold the base of his penis and you will be the one controlling how deep he goes. This comes in handy especially if you have sensitive gag reflexes. And if his hands travel to the back of your head and start pushing too much, tell him "Hands off or it stops." Deep-throating is more of a head game than anything. Remember, most of his nerve endings are in the head, not the shaft, so deep-throating really does nothing spectacular. If you can deep-throat, fantastic! But you don't have to be able to in order to give him good oral sex. Make sure he can see what is going on. Let him see your tongue licking up and down. Treat it like a popsicle and run your tongue all over in different directions and make sure you don't neglect the head. Run your tongue all over and around the head and every few seconds, take the head into your mouth and suck slightly. The more tongue movement while it's in your mouth, the better. Keep your teeth covered and try not to scrape them against his penis. Decide whether you are going to spit or swallow before hand. And if you don't want to do either one, that's okay too. Just plan it out before you get started. Remember that sex is messy. It's a turn-off for him to see you run from the room like his semen is poison. If you are going to spit it out, have a towel handy and do it discreetly. If you keep his penis aimed at the back of your throat and swallow quickly, it's much easier than trying to take it all in and then swallow. If he tastes bad, it's probably something in his diet. Have him start eating more fruit and drinking water and fruit juices and less beer and sodas. If he balks, tell him why and he may be more inclined to try it. One last thing: remember that communication is the key. Have fun, ladies, and have your guys tune in later for their guide to knocking your socks off!

Kisses xxx