Friday, August 1, 2008

The Nectar of the Gods

Okay, it is...a guide to giving her the best cunnilingus she has ever had. And my props to those guys out there that are man enough to recognize that there is nothing wrong with a little advice. Too many guys think that they are already an expert in pleasing their partners. Out of all the sexual self-help types of books out there, over 90% are purchased by women. Statistically speaking, women are the ones who are always wanting to improve, even if they are already excelling at something. Guys generally think that there is no need for improvement if they are already doing it right. Guys, there is always room to add some skills to your repertoire.
Oral sex is something that both sexes report wanting more of. Why the fascination? There is something extremely naughty about the thought of someone licking your genitals. And it is okay to just lie back and enjoy without feeling like you have to return the favor. Just remember to return the favor at some point. If one of you doesn't feel like it, it's okay. Take turns, just don't "keep score."
The most important thing you can remember, guys, is that it takes her longer to reach orgasm than it does for you. The best thing you can do for her is to not rush her. And don't make her feel like you aren't getting any pleasure from it. That will add pressure and make her less likely to come. Let her know you are enjoying yourself. Make a lot of sensual sounds and tell her how much you like it. Start off slow and be sure you ask her how she likes, slow, soft, hard, etc. Your position is very important here. If she likes positions of power and isn't easily embarrassed, lay down on your back and have her straddle your face on her knees. It gives her the sense of being in power, kind of like a master/slave fantasy. If she is easily intimidated, let her lay on her back with you between her legs. It will give her more confidence and less pressure which equals faster coming. As far as positioning your tongue goes, use the flat of your tongue as opposed to the tip. Use plenty of saliva and if need be, keep a glass of water handy to help you out. You can also find flavored lubes out there at most adult stores in a variety of flavors. Remember, guys, timing is important. Make sure she knows you are enjoying yourself and don't rush her. Keep your strokes steady and ask her how fast she likes it. It's always best to be too gentle than too rough, if she wants it harder, she'll let you know. If she pulls away slightly, ease up on the pressure. If she arches up trying to get closer, use more pressure. Try to be attuned to her body language. If you can't figure it out, ask her. Her body will tense when she nears orgasm. At that point, maintain the rhythm. As she's climaxing, slow down easily and gently. She may push you away afterwards, but that is just because most women are extremely and unbearably sensitive right after an orgasm. Just pay attention to her signals and ask her to let you know what feels good. Let her have your undivided attention with no limit on time and you will both have a rocking good time!

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