Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Role Playing 101 tends to conjure up different images for all of us, but one thing is for conjures up a very pleasing image one way or another. If you and your partner have tried it, then you know that the result is definitely worth the effort. Not only is it fun, it really isn't as embarrassing as some of you are thinking. If you have never tried it before, you may have some concerns, such as will he/she think I'm a freak? Or, maybe you will worry about whether or not you will actually be able to go through with it. Well, let me tell you...try it. Just once and you will be convinced. Role-playing is not something to be done everyday. It is one of those thing that you pull out of your hat every now and then to spice things up. I will tell you this right now...go into it with an open mind, confidence, and anticipation of enjoying yourself. These are your three keys to success. You can try finding out what your partner would enjoy ahead of time. Everyone has thought about it at least once. In our sex-driven society, who can't? It may be easier to broach the subject either during or after sex, since you are both already in that frame of mind and quite possible feeling so on top of the world that you would be willing to share anything. Some scenarios to try? Teacher/student, master/slave, cop/robber, doctor/nurse/patient, stranger caught unawares...these are some of the more "standard" ones. There are a world of others if you will only open up your imagination. There are a ton of naughty costumes out there for both guys and girls including military, fairy, fairy tale, angels, devils, racing digs, super heros, story book (Snow White, Little Bo Peep, etc.)...the possibilities are endless. Once you have chosen your scenario and the "big day," make sure you have plenty of uninterrupted time together. Trust me, no matter how shy your partner or you, you or he/she will lose that feeling within about 5 minutes. It is almost impossible to feel that way when your partner is looking at you like they can't wait to devour you. Want to get ballsy? Bring a camera into the it a still or video, but just make sure you trust who you are doing that with so you don't wind up on "Naughty Amateurs II, Role Playing 101" on the net. Then, just let things go where they may. It is a lot of fun, and a chance for you to focus on nothing but the two of you and your respective pleasures! Have fun and get creative. Check out my poll and let me know your favorite "basic" role-playing's anonymous, I promise!

Kisses xxx