Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Pleasure Factor

Okay, no more school, I promise!! But I had to give the basics. You would be surprised at how little we know about the workings of the opposite sex's sexual organs...I don't care what your best friend says...they know less than they are willing to admit! Us girls need special attention focused on the clitoris. That is where over 90% of our orgasms stem from. Also, while guys tend to like variety in the way of speed and pressure, guys need to provide steady pressure and a steady speed/stroke to their girls' sensitive parts when attempting to get their partner to go over the top. Guys, whether it's oral sex, or a fantastic hand job, you need to be prepared to hang in and be patient. It takes women approximately 15-20 minutes to orgasm. Girls, our guys are a lot easier to please. Make sure you add variety to your licks or strokes and vary the speed and rhythm . Start off slow, then speed up. When it looks like he is getting ready to come, slow it back down. Bring him right to the edge then take him back down. Guys, don't do that to your girls...when we've worked so hard to get there, let us go over the edge! It's too hard for your partner to get back there, trust me. But she can easily get there again, after she has already crested the pleasure peak. Focus on giving each other pleasure. Ask your partner what they like...after all, just because it makes you come, doesn't mean it is going to make them do it too! And don't hesitate to tell your partner what turns you on. It opens up the communication and deepens the intimacy. Your partner wants feedback from you. Trust me and don't be embarrassed, it will turn them on more than anything and it will give them something to fantasize about as well! Tomorrow: More on orgasms with a little oral!

Kisses xxx