Saturday, August 9, 2008

Guys (and you ladies as well), Listen Up!

Okay, for all you guys out there, I am going to give you some much needed help when it comes to dealing with your women. To women, sex is not just sex. Especially if you are in either a long term relationship or married. Sex is a lot more than sex. She has sex with her body and her mind. To her, sex is a chance to be extremely close to the one that she loves the most. It gives her a chance to connect to you in a way that is impossible through everyday occurrences. It heightens her level of respect for you, her feelings for you emotionally and physically and helps remind her that even though you both have busy schedules, she is important to you. It helps her validate herself, as a woman, and her relationship with you. To her, sex is emotional. When she has sex with you, she is giving herself, mind-body-soul, to you. She is letting her guard down and making herself vulnerable. She is offering herself to you in the most intimate way possible. This is a part of her that is for you and you only. No one else gets to see her this way. If you reject this part of her, then your relationship will not only go downhill, but will roll downhill at an alarming rate. Let's face it. Like most couples, the two of you probably have sex in a variety of ways, there is lazy sex, crazy-good sex that is just lots of fun, quickies, and sometimes even just "animal" sex where it is nothing but sex. She is quite able to have "just sex," because she sees sex as a bigger picture. She needs you to recognize that for her, sex isn't just sex. She is not asking for sex to become all emotional for you. We, as women, realize that that just isn't going to happen with most of you guys out there. Just like for most of us women out there, sex will never be just sex. What is important to both of you is recognition and acceptance. You both need to recognize and accept what sex is to each other. In doing this, you are able to give each other what you both need. Which, in the long run, can make sex even better. If you don't understand and are just completely lost, ask your partner. If they try and explain it and you are still completely lost, be patient and ask for more detail. Give them a chance to explain and give yourself a chance to understand. Understanding doesn't mean you have to change how you view sex, it just means that you will be able to give your partner what they need the most, which will make you all the more incredible in their eyes and quite possibly make you the person he/she loves and wants to be around the most. And if you can't handle that, then you are in the wrong place with the wrong person. Just remember to open your mind and try. At the very least, you will get an "A" for effort and she will definitely appreciate it even if you are still lost, because you have just made her feel important enough to put effort into. That will score you major brownie points!

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