Friday, July 25, 2008

Slight Diversion

Okay...I'm going to divert from positions today. I had a friend who had a mortifying experience the other day and I felt the need to give my view on the subject. Sex and her menstrual cycle. I want to know how you guys and girls feel about it. Most people feel that it's gross and that it is worth waiting until she is done. But for those of you trusting enough, brave enough and not at all modest, sex can be rather interesting during that particular time of the month. First of all, she is likely a bit more on the horny side than usual because her hormones are running wildly unchecked. Also, there is a natural lubrication which makes intercourse easier for some. Just be sure you have plenty of towels handy because it is a rather messy affair, but like everything else, it's nothing that a shower or a load of laundry won't cure. And for those of you not so can still fool around and both of you will enjoy it because you have to get creative. So don't let the embarrassment stop now, you both should be old enough to realize it's completely natural and be able to enjoy yourselves in spite of everything. When life hands you lemons, make some hard (in more ways than one!) lemonade!!

Kisses xxx