Thursday, July 24, 2008

Positions 101

Okay...girl-on-top. You ladies should love this one. Not does it sound powerful, it really is. This position is considered a power position. You ladies are in control of it all...depth, speed, and angle. A plus if you have a small or sensitive cervix...he can only go as deep as you'll let him. For him, he gets the pleasure of being able to watch everything. It appeals to his natural voyeuristic side, plus there's no pressure...she's doing all the work. For him, he's getting his cake and eating it too! This is a great position for him to hit her g-spot as well...have her lean back slightly for best access. Not to mention, both of his hands are free to play with whatever he can reach! Spice it up a little and try facing towards his toes. But be warned...don't try and do a 180 with him inside of you without telling him. Unless he's rock hard and ready for it, you can actually bend his penis causing him much pain. Other variations? Try having him sit up with his back against the wall or headboard or have him sit on a chair, such as dining room chair with no arms. The end results will be worth it!

Kisses xxx