Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Crash Course in Anatomy

Thinking about all the positions I've been talking about the last few days, I realized that not only have I skipped some basics, I've skipped some key information that could be of tremendous value. When it comes to pleasuring your mate, you've really got to know what you are handling and really understand it if you are going to be successful in giving mind-blowing pleasure. Guys spend most of their lives looking at their sexual parts. And not only looking at them, but handling them and playing with them. Guys know what gives them the most pleasure...but I bet their partners feel a bit lost when it comes to knowing, without doubt, what pleases their man. And vice versa. While women don't spend most of their lives looking at their parts, we are more familiar with them than our partners are. Here is a crash course.
The penis is basically split into four parts. The head or glans (which is the mushroom shaped part at the top), the urethra (the tiny slit at the top), the shaft, and the frenulum. He may or may not have a foreskin. The head of the penis contains numerous nerve endings, which makes it extremely sensitive. And if you think that part is sensitive, try playing with the frenulum. What is the frenulum, you ask? (Yeah, that was a new one to me too!) The frenulum is located at the underside of the penis where the head meets the shaft. There is a slight puckering of skin there and it is jam-packed with nerve endings making it the most sensitive part of his penis. Try giving this part a little extra attention, especially during oral sex and watch him squirm!
As for our ladies, our parts are quite out of view, and while we are familiar with them, most of our men are not. The female sex organs are much more complex, but can basically be divided into four parts as well. The mons pubis is the fleshy mound covered with pubic hair. This acts as a cushion during sex. Then there are the labia majora and labia minora, or the outer lips and inner lips respectively. Then you have the clitoris, which is protected by the labia minora. This is the key area to a woman's pleasure. Make sure and give this spot extra attention and watch her melt!
Knowing these parts is important if you are ever going to enjoy your sex life. Starting tomorrow: Orgasms...stay tuned!!

Kisses xxx