Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Self Preservation

Masturbation...everyone (almost) does it, but not many, aside from guys, will admit to it. And even guys have a hard time fessing up to their partners. And why is that? Usually, they are expecting indignation on the parts of their partners. And you would be surprised how many women actually don't have a problem with their partners masturbating. But, due to the bad rap that masturbation has gotten over the years, it is generally a subject that is not up for discussion. Let's face do it...women do it...and all enjoy it. Who knows, better than you do, how to pleasure you? But, once you've gotten past the embarrassment factor, is it an experience that you have have ever considered sharing with your partner? After all, you share almost everything else, right? But how to bring it up...well, that isn't all that difficult. I'd have to say the best time to bring it up is either during sex (this can be part of your "dirty talk" will really get your partner's mind wandering), before sex (if maybe the two of you are contemplating something can really get things heated up) or after sex (when you are both sated ad full of pleasure, your mind will be open to anything!). I know it's a little hard to get turned on by the "technical" terminology, "masturbation," so use different terms instead. Try telling your partner about your last masturbation session...let them know that you couldn't get them off of your mind and you got so hot thinking about them that you had to relieve a little sexual frustration. Believe me, while thinking about watching your partner touch themselves most intimately is a turn on, it is nothing compared to actually watching it in person!!

Kisses xxx


SWM said...

Loved the post. Good to read something where you are not scared to tell it like it is.

Sarah said...

Nothing at all wrong with a little (or a lot) of self satisfaction!

MilesPerHour said...

I love the honesty of your post. (And the suggestion about sharing a solo love fest with your partner)