Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hedonism at its Best

Hedonism is the philosophy that pleasure is of ultimate importance, the most important pursuit. So how many of you could stand adding a little of that into your lives?! All of us, I think. So I have discovered a resort that plays to that philosophy to the hilt. In Jamaica, at Hedonism Resorts, anything goes. They are an all-inclusive, fantabulous resort, where anything goes. And I mean anything. From swim-up rooms to mirrors on the ceilings to the see thru slide that winds through the disco, pleasure is the ultimate priority at Hedonism. You can do anything, be anybody and no one passes judgement. Why? Because every person there is in the same position as you. No, this is not some sort of swingers resort, although, I am sure there are some guests who participate in swinging quite regularly. You participation only goes as far as you want it to. They are well known for honeymoons and weddings as well as wild times. Looking for a new twist on your next vacation? Check it'll love every minute of it! Can't quite afford the luxury and/or time required for a super inclusive vacation? You can have the same thing right in your own backyard. At home or a local hotel, you can turn your environment into a hedonistic den of iniquity! If spending an evening at a local hotel, splurge for a jacuzzi room. Pick up some candles (and something to light them with!), easy finger foods like grapes, cheese, sweets and a bottle or two of wine or other spirit and pack nothing but maybe a sexy piece of lingerie or naughty outfit . All that is required for a hedonistic weekend to be successful is you and your partner's willingness to focus on nothing but pleasure for both of you. This is the time to try something new that you've been thinking about and time for you to focus only on each other. Go back an read the "Art of Seduction" post and take advantage of it. Surprise your partner when they get home with a drink and a tray of finger foods. Have the location set up with candles and soft music and truly relish in the pleasure each of you finds with the other. Have a great weekend, I know I will!

Kisses xxx


Sarah said...

I've always wanted to attend a Hedonism resort...maybe one day when the kids are older.