Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Art of Seduction brings a lot to mind. Such as Kim Basinger in Basic Instinct for one. Or several other scenes in various movies like Sliver, 91/2 Weeks, Henry & June, and a multitude of others. But in real life, what does seduction really involve? If you are lucky enough to be a Kim Basinger or Sharon Stone look-a-like and "live"-a-like, then congrats to you. You probably have no need to hear what I am about to say. But to those of us out there who are real people and not Hollywood stars living on a movie set, then read on...

Webster online defines "seduction" as being lead away from a usual or proper course by offering some pleasure or advantage. When trying to seduce the opposite sex, this is exactly what we try to do to get their attention. There are a number of ways to seduce and be seduced both in and out of the bedroom. What I am talking about today will start outside the bedroom and hopefully end up in the bedroom.

For centuries, women have used the same method to seduce men. And it has always worked. We use our bodies to appeal to a man's sexual appetite. Men are visual creatures by nature. They enjoy looking, touching, tasting a woman's body. But remember, don't give it all away. Make him work for it. Because if you do give it all away up front, it defeats the purpose and makes our ultimate goal impossible. If not impossible, then their isn't the same urgency as if you were to keep a little mystery about it. Our goal, ladies, is to get him into the bedroom. If you display it all up front, then what's the rush? He has already seen it and it is no longer his number 1 priority. Displaying just the right amount of skin...a hint of your breasts, a shirt that gives glimpses of your waist and the small of your back, a skirt that shows off your legs, but not so short that all he has to do is drop something to see it all. Our goal is to heighten the senses and make him want to jump your bones! Don't get me wrong. There is always a time and place for showing it all up front. Like when you are waiting in a sexy piece of lingerie or a naughty school girl outfit when he gets home from work or when you walk out of the bathroom and surprise him in nothing but a pearl necklace around your neck. But those are treats and we are talking about everyday seduction. A way to build anticipation. Wear a low cut shirt and make sure you lean over him while he is sitting at the computer or on the couch. It will make him want to see more. Or, if wearing a skirt, make sure he gets a glimpse of your upper thigh when you sit down. Better yet, don't wear anything underneath and whisper in his ear that you aren't wearing any panties, but whisper it when he can't do anything about it, like at a restaurant or before you put the kids to bed. Make him visualize...the more time he has to think about it, the more intense he will be in his desire for you. Another thing, when you are having dinner together, use the food as part of your seduction. Anything that draws attention to your mouth will put his sex drive into overdrive!
Guys, women are just as visually driven as you are. It may be slightly different, but we are still visually stimulated. The one thing that gets a majority of women is not how you look, but how you look at her. The number one trait that women pay attention to the most in the opposite sex, besides personality, is eyes. Women are suckers for eyes. And it's not about blue eyes or brown eyes or any other color, it's about what you can say with your eyes. And believe me, you boys can say a lot! Even if you don't realize it. Undress her with your eyes, she'll know exactly what you are doing and she will love it! Talk about butterflies in her will make her mind spin. Give her one of those really intense stares that tells her you are thinking about her naked and thinking about what all you want to do to her. Trust me, she will be able to sense it. Aside from the looks, she likes to know what you are thinking. So, whisper in her ear what you'd like to do to her when you have her alone...but do it when she can't do anything about it but squirm. For example, whisper in her ear, "I can't wait to get you naked and flat on your back" when you are at the movies waiting for it to start. Or try telling her that you want, more than anything, to feel her naked skin pressed against yours when you are eating dinner in public. She will probably flush and give you a dirty grin that tells you she'd like the same thing.
The key to seduction is to draw it out and make it last. Start early in the evening or day. The longer your partner has to think and visualize, the better it will be. They will be chomping at the bit to get you into bed!

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rix said...

Damn teases, although you are very correct in what you say.. even though centuries have passed we still are under control (oh, im male by the way) I just want to know if the tables can be turned to such an advantage?