Thursday, September 11, 2008

Revel in the Moment

I feel it important to state that the whole point of sex, besides breeding, is to enjoy yourself & your partner, and enjoy the experience and the moment. Sex is about feeling and not doing. Because by feeling, not only will you "do" you will also attain a new level of physical feeling. You have to learn to focus on feeling it. Instead of taking for granted all the little nuances, enjoy them and revel in them. Make them the biggest part of your experience. The looks, the caresses, the seductive heightens your sense of pleasure. Remember, you will always come across that one-night-stand at the local bar, but when you look back on all of your various sexual experiences, that one will be the one you remember the least of. It is the ones that you find yourself thinking of randomly...the ones you can't stop thinking about...the ones you want to relive time and again that are the truly mind-blowing experiences. That's all for now guys, but I always love getting input from readers, so let me know what you are thinking.

Kisses xxx