Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sausage and Milk...Yummy!

Okay...everyone does it at some point. You look in the mirror and think, "Do I look fat?" or "Is my beard/mustache manly enough?" or any number of other thoughts that creep into our minds when it has been a while since our last "fling". We are our own worst critics. If we can't appreciate who we are, then how can we expect the opposite/same sex to appreciate us? The old adage goes, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" I will be the first one to say that there is nothing wrong with a little free milk every now and again. But remember guys, the ladies have also realized that they don't have to buy the whole pig just to get a little sausage either. And there is nothing wrong with free milk and sausage...I mean they're always giving away samples at the grocery store, right? But if you don't let the person you are giving it away to realize your value, then what is the point? That, my friend, is simply a one night stand. And while I realize that they do sometimes happen, they should not be the norm. You are worth way more than that. If you are going to have casual sex, at least have it with someone who will appreciate the effort you put in to getting him/her to sample the milk/sausage. In other words, make him/her work for it!! Seduce, entice, lure. And if they don't return the effort and the favor, then they are not worth it. Find someone who is. Find someone that wants nothing more than to jump your bones after your little show of seduction and enticing. You can see it in their eyes...they can't wait to get you naked and alone. And if you can't see it, move on, because if it isn't there after that, then it never will be and it is their loss. Those are the people that have stopped truly enjoying sex and what is the point if you can't truly enjoy it?!

Kisses xxx


Roxy said...

I just got started on writing my blog. It seems that you have some pretty good advise on what to do with sexuality. Sausage and Milk is definitely a good thing...i don't understand why it's against the norm. please read my blog and give me some insight on what I can do to make my dating experience a little better.