Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Twist

They say that a woman can't give a guy a better hand job than he can give himself...which is probably true. After all, he has been intimately acquainted with his hand a lot longer than you have, but I am a firm believer that you can come so close that he will prefer your hand over his own. Spiritual sex (i.e. Tantra, Kama Sutra and Taoism) puts a great emphasis on foreplay. To them, foreplay is not a means to an end as it has become in today's society. Each act of foreplay is a singular act of pleasure. The hand job tends to be the first and most basic form of foreplay. These days, it is thought of as a last resort once you've introduced oral sex and intercourse into the relationship; a place you go when nothing else seems to work. Over the next few posts, I will be reintroducing both men and women to the illustriously fabulous hand job...both for him and for her, so be watching!

Today: A Guide for Her to Him
Let's face it. You say, "A hand job...that's a joke, right?" Absolutely not. Spiritual sex devotees would probably roll in their graves at the sight of a wasted sexual act that can function as more than just the appetizer. You are both losing out if the only time you wrap your hands around his "manhood". His penis is extremely fascinating and what better way to explore it than with your hands and your eyes? And what better way to make it more pleasurable for both of you than to add some new techniques into the mix? All techniques, even the tried and true ones, work better with lube. If you don't own any, get some. It is worth having around and can come in extremely handy when you want to be spontaneous. No matter what you try, just remember that if he uncircumcised, be gentle. He will be more sensitive than a man who has been circumcised.

Technique 1: The Faux Vagina
Lace your fingers together, interlocking your thumbs and leaving a small opening in the middle, sort of like a fake vagina (hence the name!). With his penis fitting nicely into the opening, move your hands up and down while keeping a firm (not hard) grip.

Technique 2: Erotic Massage
Pretend you are an erotic masseuse. With his penis laying flat against his belly, massage up and down the middle of the shaft with your thumbs, as a masseuse would massage a the spine with their thumbs.

Technique 3: The Fire Starter
Remember the fire starting technique of rolling a stick between your hands? The same technique applies here. Start at the base of his penis with one hand on either side, and using your hands, slowly roll and rub your way up, then work your way back down again. Start of slowly, increasing your grip and speed as he nears climax.

Just remember to use plenty of lubrication. Things tend to move easier with it and let's face it, friction isn't always a good thing. Anyone remember the "jean burn" created when you were younger and tended to grope outside the clothing before getting more uninhibited? Sort of like carpet burn, only on the penis and created by the rubbing of clothes instead of carpet. Ouch! Next installment...A Guide to Her for Him. Stay tuned!

Kisses xxx


Sarah said...

Good advice. I think the hand job is so underrated these days...a lost art, if you will.

Keep strokin' ladies!

Anonymous said...

I tend to be a very sexual person. I am not afraid to trying new things unless they are going to harm me in some way. lol. The hand job, I have done great at this actually. At first, frustration because you do always have it in the back of your mind that the guy would be better at it. But, you are also new at it. Ask your partner how he wants it done. If he is open enough, he will show you. Works both ways. You certainly wouldn't skip a cheerleader tryout because some cheerleader has more experience than you would you?